Imperial Health Charity Audience Engagement Programme

Imperial Health Charity Art Collection brings works of art into our hospitals in a visually stimulating and vibrant way that enhances the health care environment for patients, staff and visitors.

The Collection has established a reputation as one of London’s leading hospital art collections. Our aim is to change the way the hospital environment is experienced; to transform a clinical and often intimidating space into a bright, uplifting place where visual art is promoted for the enjoyment of all.

We celebrate and promote good practice and innovation in all aspects of art in the health care setting. We seek to provide new situations for contemporary art in our hospitals and, by expanding the ways in which art is experienced, encourage people to broaden their understanding of art. The art initiatives are funded by the Imperial Health Charity, with additional funds provided by other sources for specific projects. We have secured funding from the National Lottery through the Arts Council England and are grateful for the generosity of others, including Tate, artists and collectors in providing loans of paintings and sculpture.

Art is displayed in public areas and wards at Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s, St Mary’s and the Western Eye hospitals. The Collection is strong in modern and contemporary British art, with works by artists including Gillian Ayres, Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Gary Hume, Cornelia Parker, Julian Opie, Bridget Riley, and Bill Woodrow. On our website, you can find out more about the Collection, our activities and special events:

This blog will follow the activities of our busy workshop programme, particularly focussing on Fay Ballard’s workshops on the Auchi Dialysis Ward at Hammersmith Hospital.

Audience Engagement Programme

The Arts programme organises a number of exciting and free events for patients, staff and visitors to engage with the art works in the hospitals. Alongside our own regular workshops, we have are also working with The Wallace Collection and The British Museum to bring their wonderful collections to our patients.

We’re immensely proud to be working with Paper Birch who run engaging workshops that offer elderly patients and patients with dementia the chance to be creative through arts and crafts. Currently running on three wards, the workshops are bright and fun, focusing on colour, scent, materials and the sharing of undiscovered and re-discovered techniques. For more information, please visit their website:

Bi-monthly Saturday workshops by The Rhythm Studio Foundation brightens up our Grand Union and Great Western Wards at St Mary’s Hospital. The hugely popular two-hour music workshops involve both group and one-to-one sessions, bringing together child patients and their siblings to create impromptu music sessions and live renditions of popular songs. For more information, please visit their website:


Artist Fay Ballard ( has been visiting our Auchi Dialysis Unit at Hammersmith Hospital every Wednesday, 10am-12pm, to offer patients artistic engagement and conversation.

Fay’s blog will trace the progress of the workshops, offering an insight into practical workshops on a chronic hospital ward. Working with the same patients every week, Fay’s workshop draws out the direct relationship between art and well-being. Her blog hopes to offer guidance and inspiration for other facilitators working in healthcare environments.


We also run monthly Community Workshops which rotate around the three main hospital sites: Charing Cross Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital and Hammersmith hospital. The workshops are led by an education specialist, exploring the hospital’s collection through both discussion and creating personal works. The workshops, provided for patients and staff, are also sometimes held offsite, at the Royal Academy and Victoria and Albert Museum.

The next workshop will be held on Tuesday 7th March at the Royal Academy of Art, 2.30-5.30pm. More info:

Please email or call 02033 122 033 to book a place!



Featured image: Julian Opie, View of Mount Fuji with Daisies from Route 300 (2009), St Mary’s Hospital

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